Glamrock appearing in WrestleQuest!

Vinny Lee make his video game debut in the highly anticipated WrestleQuest!

Available 8/22/23

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VLG Pixelated!

Check out the Pixelated Version of Vinny Lee!

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Vinny Lee Glamrock

Formerly known as:
Vincent Goodnite

What's New

From Goodnite to Glamrock

1997 Goodnite started the journey, Glamrock rocks on in 2023

Vinny Lee Glamrock

The Retro Wrestling Rockstar

Fan Favorite New Millennium Energy

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"We're Rock'n and Roll'n
We're Glam'n and Slam'n!"

- Vinny Lee Glamrock

Thank you being a fan and for supporting & following my personal WrestleQuest that has spanned over 4 decades. 



While pro wrestling has changed in many ways, the passion of the fans and talent has not. I love pro wrestling.  Thank you for your cheers, electric enthusiasm, and coming to the shows!


Are you ready for more? I know I am. Let’s rock!


Professional Wrestler

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