Vinny Lee Glamrock, a professional wrestler known for his Retro Rockstar persona, competed at the PAX East convention this past March. Pro Wrestling was live at the Sky Bound Games booth for the game WrestleQuest and featured several notable wrestlers from the industry.

Vinny Lee teamed up with fellow wrestler Kal Herro to form the Fanny Pack Party Tag Team. The duo put on 3 impressive performances, showcasing their skills and entertaining the crowd with their unique personalities.

Vinny Lee and Kal Herro received a lot of praise for their teamwork and showmanship. Attendees of PAXEAST & Fans of the WrestleQuest Video Game, and wrestling enthusiasts alike were thrilled to see such a dynamic duo in action.

Overall, Vinny Lee’s performance at the PAX East convention was a memorable one, and it’s clear that VLG will continue to captivate audiences across the gaming and wrestling industries.

Wanna see Vinny Lee? Check out the Tour!

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