Nebraska HOF 2023 inducts Vinny Lee Glamrock

On July 7th, 2023, Vinny Lee Glamrock, formerly Vincent Goodnite, had the  prestigious honor of being inducted into the Nebraska Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2023. The event, which took place in Lincoln, Nebraska, was a resounding success, with a packed venue and numerous inductees recognized for their contributions to the sport.

Brian Blade, a fellow wrestler and friend of Vinny Lee, introduced him to the audience, highlighting his many accomplishments and his dedication to the sport. After Brian’s introduction, a video played featuring many friends and mentors from throughout his wrestling career. Fans were thrilled to see Vinny Lee recognized for his hard work and dedication to wrestling.


In addition to the induction ceremony, the event also featured the full Nebraska Hall of Fame Traveling Museum, on display for fans to peruse. This museum provided a fascinating glimpse into the rich history of wrestling in Nebraska and was a fitting tribute to the many inductees who have made their mark on the sport.


Other inductees at the event included Stan Pulaski, Paul Vachon, Pat McGill, and Gauge, all of whom were recognized for their contributions to wrestling. The ceremony was a testament to the many talented individuals who have helped to make wrestling the beloved sport it is today.


Following the induction ceremony, fans were treated to a MWA wrestling event, which included an 8 man tag main event featuring Glamrock, Blade, Guage, and several other Nebraska Hall of Fame wrestlers. This exciting event was a fitting conclusion to a day filled with excitement and celebration.


Overall, the induction of Vinny Lee Glamrock into the Nebraska ProWrestling Hall of Fame was a resounding success and a fitting tribute to his many contributions to the sport. The event was a testament to the rich history of wrestling in Nebraska and a reminder of the many talented individuals who have helped to shape this beloved sport over the years.

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