Glamrock Makes Video Game Debut in WrestleQuest!

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Vinny Lee Glamrock makes his video game debut as he is set to appear in the highly anticipated new game, WrestleQuest. The game, which is set to release August 22nd, features a star-studded cast of legendary wrestlers, and Vinny Lee Glamrock with his retro-rock vibe is an exciting addition to the game.


The pixelated Vinny Lee story mirrors real-life as he personifies the spirit of 80’s rock and retro. “Blasting out of Paradise City in his 80’s muscle car, Vinny Lee Glamrock is a pro-wrestler that is half power chords and half powerbombs. Starting out in the still of the night, livin’ on nothing but a prayer, Vinny got his break into the industry with an unforgettable match at the Rock of Ages Arena.


In real-life, Vinny has had an impressive career in the world of professional wrestling, performing in each of the last four decades starting in 1997. Vinny’s talent and dedication to the sport led him to perform on WWE shows in the northeast during the early 2000’s. This included wrestling in some of the most prestigious venues, including Madison Square Garden. His contributions and achievements in wrestling were recognized in 2023 when he was inducted into the Nebraska Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. Vinny’s career is a tribute to his dedication and love for the business, and has continued to inspire wrestlers and fans alike.


“I am extremely excited to be in WrestleQuest, and it’s an honor to be included with legendary wrestlers while representing indie wrestlers who give their all to entertain fans far and wide. Working with Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Games to promote WrestleQuest at conventions has been an absolute blast. The team’s love and respect for professional wrestling and its rich history is evident throughout WrestleQuest. I’ve gotten to play the awesome demos and I can’t wait for my friends and fans to play the game!”


WrestleQuest is available to add to your wishlist now and on August 22nd will be available to download. 



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